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Basic Details

only for NRA , NRA-conversion

PF Account Details

1. PF Account No.
2. Reference No. of credit card
3. Credit in PF Account (Closing balance as per last Credit Card). Click Here to get the last credit card
4. Amount of DA Arrears / Pay Revision Arrears not due for withdrawal. Click Here for DA Statement
5. Previous Temporary Advance Details. (Leave blank if not applicable)
(i) No. and Date of Sanction
(ii) Amount
(iii) Date of withdrawal (dd/mm/yyyy)
(iv) Balance outstanding Amount to be repaid
or, Date of repayment, if fully paid (dd/mm/yyyy)
(v) Consolidated Amount (only for NRA-Conversion)
(vi) Purpose (only for NRA-Conversion)

Details of Amounts Deposited to PF after last credit card

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Sl.No. Month & Year Monthly Subscription Refund of Advance Date of encashment (dd/mm/yyyy) Gross Amount of the Bill Net Amount of the Bill Name of Treasury
1. March - 2018
2. April - 2018
3. May - 2018
4. June - 2018
5. July - 2018
6. August - 2018
7. September - 2018
8. October - 2018
9. November - 2018
10. December - 2018
11. January - 2019
12. February - 2019

Details of DA Arrear / Pay Revision Arrear Credited to PF after Last credit card

Only Enter the Arrears from which withdrawal is allowed

Sl.No. No & Date of Arrear order Period to which arrears related Amount credited to PF Date of encashment (dd/mm/yyyy) Gross Amount of the Bill Net Amount of the Bill Name of Treasury

Details of All withdrawals made after Last Credit Card

Sl.No. No & Date of Sanction order Date of withdrawal (dd/mm/yyyy) Amount of Advance Name of Treasury Nature of advance (TA / NRA) Purpose

Details of Proposed Advance

Type of Advance
Sanction Number
Date of Sanction
No. of instalments - max. 36 (only for TA)
Rule or Rules under which the Advance is sanctioned