House Rent Allowance - Pay Revision 2019

Sl. No. Class Rate (% of Basic Pay) Minimum Amount (Rs.) Maximum Amount (Rs.)
1A10 %230010000
2B8 %20008000
3C6 %15006000
4D4 %12004000

Class A : The Corporation limits of the cities of Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam, Kochi, Thrissur, Kozhikode and Kannur. In addition, Forest 12 Complex, Mathottam, Kozhikode and Government Institutions situated within a radius of 3 kilometres from Civil Station, Kakkanad.

Class B : The Municipalities at District Headquarters.

Class C : All Municipalities other than those at District Headquarters.

Class D : All Panchayaths

Travelling Allowance

Sl. No. Classification of Officers Eligible Class Daily Allowance (Rs.) Incidental Expenses
for Road/Rail/
Air journeys
Inside State Outside State
1Grade IRs. 70,000 and aboveII AC60075090
2Grade II (a)Rs. 59,300 - 70,000I Class, else II AC50065070
3Grade II (b)Rs. 39,300 - 59,300III AC, else I Class50065060
4Grade IIIRs. 25,100 - 39,300II class35050060
5Grade IVbelow Rs. 25,100II class35050060

Mileage Allowance : Rs. 2.5/- per kilometre for all grades of officers

Air Journey : Limited to 1 Daily Allowance

Sl. No. Classification of Officers Carrying personal
effects on transfer (Kg)
Loading and unloading
charges for journeys
on transfer
(Rs./- at each end)
Reimbursement of room rent (Rs.)
New Delhi, Mumbai,
Kolkata, Chennai
Other Cities/Towns
outside State
1Grade IRs. 70,000 and above300090030002500
2Grade II (a)Rs. 59,300 - 70,000200050030002500
3Grade II (b)Rs. 39,300 - 59,300200050025001500
4Grade IIIRs. 25,100 - 39,300150045025001500
5Grade IVbelow Rs. 25,100150045015001200

Part-Time Contingent Employees Scale of Pay

Sl No. Category Existing Scale of Pay - 2014 Revised scale of pay - 2019
1Category I10620-240-12300-260-13600-300-15100-340-1646014800-340-17180-370-19030-410-20670-460-22970
2Category II9340-220-11100-240-12300-260-13600-300-1480013000-330-15970-360-17410-390-19360-430-21080
3Category III8200-200-10000-220-11100-240-12300-260-1334011500-300-14500-330-17140-360-18940