Formula for Fixation of Pay in the Revised Scale 2014

The revised scales of pay shall come into force with effect from 01/07/2014.

All employees who were in service as on 01/07/2014 shall come over to the revised scale of pay with effect from 01/07/2014. There will be no option.

All appointments and promotions made on or after 1/7/2014 shall be deemed to have been made in the revised scale of pay and pay will be regulated accordingly.

1. An amount equal to 80% of DA will be added to the basic pay (as on 01.07.2014) in the pre- revised scale.

2. 12% of the basic pay will be further added as fitment benefit, subject to a minimum of Rs. 2000/-.

3. Service weightage calculated at the rate of ½ % for each completed year of service on the basic pay, subject to a maximum of 15% shall be added.

(The amount of fitment benefit and service weightage taken together shall not exceed Rs.12000.)

4. The amount so arrived at shall be stepped up to the next stage in the revised scale of pay.

eg:- A Statistical Investigator Gr.I having a continuous service of 14 years drawing a basic pay of Rs. 15380 in the pre-revised scale of pay of Rs. 13900-24040

Basic pay as on 1.7.201415380
DA @ 80%12304
Fitment @ 12% of Basic Pay (minimum Rs.2000/-)2000
Service weightage @ ½% for each completed year of service (maximum 15%)1077
Next stage in the corresponding revised scale31500

Method of Fixation of Pay for Part-Time Contingent Employees

The basic pay in the revised scale of pay will be fixed by adding the following items:

1. Existing Basic Pay as on 01/07/2014, including increments due on 01/07/2014.

2. 80% of Dearness Allowance on (i) above.

3. Fitment Benefit of 12% of the existing basic pay as on 01/07/2014, and a Service Weightage @ ½% for each completed years of service as on 01/07/2014, subject to a maximum of 15%. A minimum benefit of Rs.1250/- (Fitment Benefit + Service Weightage) will be ensured.

The amount so arrived at shall be fixed at the immediate higher stage in the corresponding revised scale of pay.

Sclae of Pay

CategoryExisting Scale of Pay (2009)Revised Scale of Pay (2014)
Category I5520-120-6000-140-6700-160-7500-180-840010620-240-12300-260-13600-300-15100-340-16460
Category II4850-110-5400-120-6000-140-6700-160-75009340-220-11100-240-12300-260-13600-300-14800
Category III4250-100-4850-110-5400-120-6000-140-67008200-200-10000-220-11000-240-12300-260-13340

Revision of Pension in respect of those who retired / expired prior to 01.07.2014

The minimum basic pension = Rs. 8,500/- per month.

The maximum basic pension = Rs. 60,000/- per month.

To arrive at the revised Basic Pension, following, shall be determined first:-

Calculation - I

1. Existing Basic Pension

2. 80% of existing Basic Pension (i.e. of (1) above) as rounded off to the next higher rupee.

3. Fitment benefit at 18 % of existing basic pension (i.e. of (1) above). If it involves fraction of a rupee, it shall be rounded off to the next higher rupee.

4. Find the total of these three amounts.

Calculation - II

1. Minimum of the revised scale of the post from which pensioner retired x 1/2 x QS/30

The maximum of these calculations so arrived will be regarded as consolidated pension with effect from 01.07.2014