Online Income tax calculator - HELP File

You can either create a user id or login as a guest to calculate your income tax.

But we strongly recommend you to create a user id and then login, as the data you entered cannot be saved or edited if you are logged in as a guest.

When you login after creating a user ID, you can enter the details of your salary and deductions, save it, and can make any changes if needed in future from anywhere, anytime. Once you are sure about the data entered, you can calculate the income tax in a button click. You can either save the income tax statement in pdf format or print it.

Another exciting feature of this software is that you can calculate income tax of multiple employees by logging in under one user ID. This will come very handy if a single employee (Section) is calculating the income tax returns of the whole office.

We, the ecostatt blog team, wish you a hassle free income tax computing this year and also for the years to come. We promise you our presence with the latest updates in the field of income tax calculation.

Relief for Arrears - Form 10E

If your account has been credited with amounts corresponding to any of the previous financial years (eg:- Pay Revision Arrear, DA arrear, Salary Arrear, etc...), the Arrear Relief can be calculated by this.

Arrear Relief amount should be calculated only after calculating the income tax for this year, by using the menu "Income Tax - > Tax Calculation".

The arrear amounts for the previous financial years should be summed up and entered (Financial year wise) in the “Total Arrears” column.

The total income of the particular financial year (after all the deductions) should be entered in the “Total Taxable Income” column.

After the calculation, you need not take the print out if the relief amount is Zero.