Suggestions and Complaints

276. abhishek -
I have NPS contribution and the same is reflected in tax statement, but in the 12 BB form it is not reflected.
Query you raised will be checked and the required changes will be made immediately.
Sir, The issue has been solved. Please check.
277. Pradeep -
Sir, Rent deduction is not working in Old scheme. What is the reason
Sir, The total rent paid cannot be deducted. For rent deduction, first, the following 3 calculations are made. (i) Actual HRA Received the year (ii) Actual rent paid in excess of 1/10 th of the salary (iii) 40% of the salary. And only the lesser amount among the three is deducted. Hope, it's now clear.
Provision for Employer Details not found in Basic Data Page (Income Tax)
Sir, We have tried to simplify the whole process. So, only inevitable data has been included. We can surely think of a change in the future.
279. Shibu A S -
In 10 E table it seems that there is some mistake. As per 2015-16 tax rate for taxable income 567050 tax should be 33228 ( as shown in ITR Acknowledgement, but tax calculated in 10 E table is 39562, similarly 2017-18, for income 777220 tax is 56922 but 10 table shows 69982. please rectify if possible
Dear sir, The issue you raised have been noted. It will be checked immediately and you will be informed once the error (if any) is rectified. Your kind patience is appreciated.
Sir, We have checked your query, but we cannot find a mistake in our calculation which is given below. If you are a below 60 year old individual resident, for the year 2015-16, tax calculated for Rs. 5,67,050/- is Rs 39,562/- and for the year 2017-18, tax calculated for Rs 7,77,220/- is Rs 69,982/-. You can recheck manually and if you again think there is an issue, please feel free to contact us.
280. Sunil Kumar A S -
Sir please add year 19-20 in 10E CALCULATION
Sir, It's already included. Please see the Form 10E Calculation 2020-21
281. SALMAN -
Currently, the users don't have an option to compare the old scheme and the new scheme. after entering all the details in the old scheme, if we switch to new scheme and then we come back to the old scheme, all entered deduction details in the old scheme are gone and we need to enter it again.
Thanks for your comment. The required changes will be made soon. For the time being, First, enter the details in the new regime and then, if required, fill in the old regime details.
Hello sir, We are very happy to inform you that the issue you pointed out has been rectified. Now you can switch between the old and new regime without losing the data at any point. So, from now on, you can compare the two regime and choose the appropriate one.
282. Ronald -
Sir, please change the year 2021 to 2020 in the month of December 2020 for tax calculation, it is wrongly given as December 2021
OK. Thank you for your information.
283. Praveen -
Income Tax calculation for FY 2020-21 does not provide the option of entering deduction for contribution towards NPS ( National Pension Scheme). This is the only figure which can be deducted in the new scheme
Thanks for your valuable feedback. As far as the new tax regime is concerned, the NPS contribution done by the employer can only be shown in the deductions (not the amount paid by the employee). But that contribution amount (by the employer) should also be shown in the income. That is, the net effect might not make any difference in most of the cases in the final income tax calculation. Anyway, we have to look into the matter much more. But of course, if you insist, we can make changes in the software.
284. Rajasekharan -
Sir, I am a pensioner and we are receiving the pension for march in that month itself. So we should file incometax returns from April onwards every financial year. Can you please make the necessary changes in the software?
We have already made necessary changes in the software. Pensioners can enter the income details from April to March. There is a separate link for printing tax statement from April month onwards.
285. Sajeev Kalpetta -
Sir, while selecting Income tax slab 2020-21, the deductions are not showing. What is the reason?
From 2020-21 financial year onwards, there are two income tax slabs namely 'Old Slab' and 'New Slab' from which we can select any one of them. In 'New Slab', there will not be any type of deductions including standard deduction, but the tax rates will be comparatively low. However, for most of the employees, selecting the 'Old Slab' might be more beneficial. Select 'New Slab', only if you have no deductions and a gross income greater than 5 lakhs.